Slow (in English)

Publié le 8 Mai 2015

Corvin & ChrisCorvin & Chris

Corvin & Chris

Why name a watch brand with the adjective "slow"? Everyone knows what "slowly" means! Everyone understands that take time usually allows a successful "project".

These are two German from Hamburg: Corvin Lask and Christopher Noerskau who are the inventors of the concept SLOW. However, the team also includes May Margot and Gabriele Guidi. They have all recently unveiled a long and meticulous preparation work to renew the genre with the greatest possible privilege. This is a real creator’s realization, not a new marketing experience. It is what attracted MBA!

The Swiss Made guarantees reliable approach, but the most remarkable is a host of inventive details in search of excellence.

These small enough SLOW watches (34-38mm) are waterproof 100m and benefit from proven cases. Fifteen models can satisfy all lifestyles. Leather straps, for example, are made of the best and most flexible veal full thickness, while the metal bracelets are perfectly designed for strength and lightness. With nylon models, you have plenty of choice to create your exclusive watch.

Without question, the greatest originality lies in the choice of the proven mechanism of Swiss origin (quartz powered by a battery 45 months), from which is kept only the movement of the GMT hand, to provide an unparalleled experience reading a single needle on a 24-hour dial. Everything is protected by a hardened mineral crystal and anti-reflective.

The price adds to the charm, about 300 euros for the most expensive.

Slow (in English)Slow (in English)Slow (in English)

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