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Publié le 7 Janvier 2013

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When I exchanged emails first with Sean Wai in May 2011, I already knew that the watch brand he had created was called to a bright future.
moVas for "Asian movements" already proudly displayed its origins. Sean eclipsed any communication on its mechanisms Seagull better making, including complications, or know-how Taiwanese artisans regarding the dials ... not more than quality bracelets manufactured in Hong Kong for decades.
Sean Wai engineer from the architecture worked on the design of well-known bicycles before to put his talents at the service of the watch - it is nothing but a success that we expect so much vivacity and creativity of our Asian neighbors.
moVas, Asian watches par excellence, to finally show the desire to manufacture small batches of fine timepieces, strong and technically perfect, at prices much more affordable than in Europe (250 to 500 euros)  link

The site in English ships worldwide from Singapore.
Exciting new series are being deployed and moVas no secret of his desire to one day create their own calibers.

You may be interested to know that last week (end of 2012), the company revealed its new creations : link 

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