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Publié le 14 Août 2018

Marloe Watches Cherwell - Seagull movement - 287€

Marloe Watches Cherwell - Seagull movement - 287€

The most “British” brand that I've had the opportunity to introduce. A blend of elegance, personality and attention to detail. A balanced approach we were not used to for a long time. The singularity of this brand created in 2015 by two young English men, Gordon Fraser, the Designer and Oliver Goffe, the Director, lies in the choice to offer hand-wound watches... and contrary to what one might think: it’s not a step backwards - considering the vintage spirit in which so many brands are complacent - but a true spirit of innovation for lovers of fine watchmaking.

Marloe Watches Derwent - Miyota Movement - 310 €

Marloe Watches Derwent - Miyota Movement - 310 €

Indeed what pleasure is more satisfying than to wind these beautiful mechanics every morning! Especially when we consider the quality of the mechanisms that run them. These carefully crafted Marloe watches, resolutely built to last a lifetime - well-groomed - move us to every detail (https://www.marloewatchcompany.com/): Structured dials perfectly designed, original cases with sapphire lenses (or acrylic for the Derwent model), leather straps of great beauty. These watches tell the time and bring the impression of an ideal companion.

Marloe Watches Haskell - ETA Movement - 858 €

Marloe Watches Haskell - ETA Movement - 858 €

We would expect to pay the high price for all this... but that's not so! They are just at the right price. The English love France more than we think and allow our fellow citizens to acquire these exceptional pieces in French in the text during the ordering process. With an option of free delivery, it will cost you only 5 euros more to receive the watch the next day. There are currently three models available (Cherwell, Derwent and Haskell) in several dial designs and a range of leather straps. The calibers: SeaGull ST36, Miyota 6T33 or ETA 2804-2. What more? At MBA, we love it! 

So…, see you in just a few weeks to discover the new collection: The Coniston!


Same Post in French : Here

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Publié le 10 Juillet 2018

Valimor [English]

A brand of timepieces uniting the terms “Valiant" and “Armor”... And designs that lead us into a realm of dragons and knights!

VALIMOR is a creation of Raymond Jones based in Hong Kong; the city of watchmaking excellence in Asia. With this design concept, he and his team aim to capture those who love the universe of Mythological Sagas, wonderful medieval decorations, that has never before been featured on a watch. The company is determined to last because several patents have been filed worldwide. - Which gives us a glimpse of what is to come after the launch on Kickstarter. They already have many new creations planned.


Valimor [English]

The components are at the height of any quality timepiece, featuring all the elements usually expected on a fine watch. We picked up an automatic Miyota 812A movement, anti-glare sapphire lenses, Italian leather straps, with detailed medieval engravings and decorations from the hands to the pin buckle - Something certain to delight fans of the genre! The dials are exquisitely polished in several shades to reinforce the vivacious character of these original designs. - All watches sport Swarowsky crystals and apply Super Luminova hour and second hands. In Europe, these watches are available in the range of 400 to 460 euros for pre-orders, placing them in a reasonable price group for this kind of creation. https://www.valimor.com/

Immerse yourself in the world of "Middle-earth"!


Valimor [English]

Article en Français : ICI

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Publié le 22 Mars 2017

Griffin Emblem a brand of tomorrow supported by crowfunding - analysis of the phenomenon

We are definitely living in a strange epoch when the codes of communication and commerce are gradually transformed to adapt to immediacy and close exchanges. Watchmaking does not escape this rule, to the point of wondering if everything will not finally sell through social networks and participatory crowfunding. We had begun to glimpse this revolution with massive sale on the Web, but as for the print press that has not disappeared with the advent of info via the Internet. Everything remains to be written!

With regard to crowfunding, it was probably the ease of dissemination through the electronic channel that opened up a royal road to it. It is a means so adapted to propose new ideas, small projects that asked before pushing a thousand doors! Does the offer create the need or is it the desire that generates the offer? Everyone could start and propose a hundred and one ideas to improve our comfort or meet the cravings. But two phenomena regulate the principle: The absolute requirement of quality and reliability of purchasers as well as the necessary locking of the proposal of the designers.

We arrive (and particularly in watchmaking) to propose a product that is as perfect as possible ... which is obviously illustrated by proposals for new models of watches, sometimes innovative, other times simply well thought out, to avoid the cost of the traditional methods of industrial production. Only a small number of parts will be sold and only if the equilibrium quota is reached! There is no question of missing out on the project. No one wants to work for nothing, nobody wants to invest at a loss.
There are almost 10 watches per month on Indiegogo or Kickstarter (to speak of the best known) ... and even though the need for watches may not be as important for consumers, as for collectors, rare are the failures in this area.

We cannot talk about each of these projects on MBA, they are not only global, but affect all genres; However, the most relevant to all public will be relayed from time to time not only to increase the offer but also to show that we must now rely on this phenomenon.

Griffin Emblem has already experienced three times the adventure to the delight of lovers of fine watchmaking. His creations have been particularly appreciated and made available at competitive prices for ultimate quality.
I was seduced by their new project and although I do not usually present several articles for the same brand, it is necessary to consider this phenomenon of crowfunding in the way to process the information. It is possible that some projects may be limited in time, or that a model of a brand will use this means to finance a new timepiece, but some are hoping to perpetuate their original idea. Everything is on the table today!
We hope, as the creators of the brand we are talking about here, that this fourth campaign will definitely establish the reputation of Griffin Emblem!

The choice of caliber is so important that sometimes the whole project flows from there. The brands that show up on these specialized platforms choose them carefully. These are most often Seiko or Miyota mechanisms that offer the best value for money. All the rest will be the object of attentive care to harmonize the whole, without omitting the necessary points related to the logistics and the commercial quality of the distribution.

In his fourth project, Griffin Emblem did not more than the previous three times, omitted these details.

Here we are before this offer:

Automatic Movement Miyota 9100
Skeleton presentation
Reserve of walking, about 40hrs
Dator (calendar day month)
Sapphire crystal
Serial number engraved on the back
Always the small customizable metal plate with its message
An optional folding buckle (a novelty!)
Zirconium Swarovski blue on the dial
Always in 42mm
5 Year Warranty


Two basic models of the Early Bird and the Super Early Bird in option A and B that vary from a rather classic dial to a multi-count dial. The whole worked, sometimes with several colors and rear view on the movement.
With the possibility of engraving on a screwed side plate, the message of your choice.
Go ahead; it remains less than 40 days to choose your ultra customized watch for 309 to 379 euros depending on the model! ... and you will be delivered in October 2017.


Article en Français ici : Griffin Emblem, 4ème participation en financement participatif

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Publié le 4 Mars 2017

RSC Watches (English)

RSC for "Ronald Steffen Creations" is a Belgian company located near Antwerp, in the city of Schoten. Ronald Steffen, a Belgian born in Switzerland, already has a long history as a Designer in watch making. He founded the brand STEFFEN (Swiss Made) some time ago, which offers very original and luxurious timepieces. It was his passion for aviation that led him to develop RSC Watches: a brand that was resolutely inspired by the magnificent English aircrafts that made the history of the two World Wars. The objective is to distribute high quality products without compromising on the components. The projects and the assembly of the straps are made in the Belgian workshop of the brand - the watches are offered in small series with for most of them, a guarantee of 3 years. Sometimes massive and large format, they know how to touch the owners of small wrists with diameters of 43 mm. The dials of the RSC Watches are far from being wise: One does not try to seduce the amateurs of classicism! The work of Designer has produced original objects which for once do not attempt to copy the existing. With 316L steel casings, reinforced mineral lenses with solid Miyota tractors, thick and solid leather straps, RSC Watches stand out in the closed circle of aviator watch manufacturers. A hint of history, the profile of a beautiful plane on the dial, it takes no more to seduce amateurs. You will even be provided with a booklet, the history of the aircraft whose watch bears the name: Spitfire, Fokker, Hanriot or Vickers among others!

The prices are extremely reasonable, not seeking to enjoy the originality. They range from 249 € to 359 € according to the Quartz models and diameters up to 48mm - with an automatic model, the P51-Mustang with 875 € (ETA caliber) and is currently under subscription on Kikstarter. All these timepieces will be shipped from Belgium.

Good news for 2017: For the same price, all new models have a Swiss caliber and a sapphire Crystal!


Article in French here : RSC Watches (french)

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Publié le 8 Mai 2015

Corvin & ChrisCorvin & Chris

Corvin & Chris

Why name a watch brand with the adjective "slow"? Everyone knows what "slowly" means! Everyone understands that take time usually allows a successful "project".

These are two German from Hamburg: Corvin Lask and Christopher Noerskau who are the inventors of the concept SLOW. However, the team also includes May Margot and Gabriele Guidi. They have all recently unveiled a long and meticulous preparation work to renew the genre with the greatest possible privilege. This is a real creator’s realization, not a new marketing experience. It is what attracted MBA!

The Swiss Made guarantees reliable approach, but the most remarkable is a host of inventive details in search of excellence.

These small enough SLOW watches (34-38mm) are waterproof 100m and benefit from proven cases. Fifteen models can satisfy all lifestyles. Leather straps, for example, are made of the best and most flexible veal full thickness, while the metal bracelets are perfectly designed for strength and lightness. With nylon models, you have plenty of choice to create your exclusive watch.

Without question, the greatest originality lies in the choice of the proven mechanism of Swiss origin (quartz powered by a battery 45 months), from which is kept only the movement of the GMT hand, to provide an unparalleled experience reading a single needle on a 24-hour dial. Everything is protected by a hardened mineral crystal and anti-reflective.

The price adds to the charm, about 300 euros for the most expensive.


Slow (in English)Slow (in English)Slow (in English)

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Publié le 14 Juillet 2014

Laco used

Laco ist ein etwas spezieller Fall. Im Juni 2013 hatte ich die Möglichkeit, mehrere E-Mails mit Diana Bott, Executive Laco auszutauschen. Sie war für diese Präsentation aufgeregt, aber schien sehr beschäftigt, um die Zeit, um das Projekt vollständig analysieren zu finden. Ich habe keine Mitteilung grundsätzlich entgegen der ursprünglichen Text erhalten, aber wir dort waren! Empfindlich auf die allgemeine Philosophie dieser Firma, war ich traurig, nicht um meine Meinung zu präsentieren, die alle recht positiv Summe, weiß ich auch die Initiative ergriffen, um heute die Original-Artikel zu veröffentlichen, ohne Zugabe in Französisch und Deutsch. Richtung Laco natürlich mit der Fähigkeit, jede weitere Präzision bieten.


Laco produziert Uhren für Piloten, die bereits seit 70 Jahren, während das Unternehmen fast 90 Jahren von Frieda LacherLaco Meca und Ludwig Hummel in Pforzheim im nördlichen Schwarzwald gegründet. Mit hinter Schweizer  deutsch Uhrwerke, darunter die berühmte Durowe D5 werden die Laco Uhren heute oft Haus vorlagen, auf eine lange Geschichte der technischen Kreativität entwickelt ausgestattet. https://shop.laco.de/.
Völlig "Made in Germany", sind die Laco Uhren Teil der schönen deutschen Geschichte Mitteltonbereich. Es ist erstaunlich, auch ungewöhnlich, dass in einer Fabrik zu finden, mechanische Uhren in perfekter Balance, das Preisniveau verteilt, dass MBA stolz, Sie einzuführen ist.

Sammlung von "Marine" Uhren, und wir fanden mehrere Modelle mit Automatikwerk Laco 21 mit Superluminova-Beschichtung, eine doppelte Saphirglas enthüllt den Mechanismus und eine wunderschöne Lederarmband ausgestattet. Preis: € 298, mit sehr günstigen Versandkosten für ihr Zuhause Shop link. Die verschiedenen Kollektionen (nicht zu vergessen die Damen) decken sehr im Einklang mit dieser Art von Preisklasse und dieser Ort macht definitiv eine ausgezeichnete Position Qualität / Preis.



Voir article en français ici :


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Publié le 7 Janvier 2013

Capture M

When I exchanged emails first with Sean Wai in May 2011, I already knew that the watch brand he had created was called to a bright future.
moVas for "Asian movements" already proudly displayed its origins. Sean eclipsed any communication on its mechanisms Seagull better making, including complications, or know-how Taiwanese artisans regarding the dials ... not more than quality bracelets manufactured in Hong Kong for decades.
Sean Wai engineer from the architecture worked on the design of well-known bicycles before to put his talents at the service of the watch - it is nothing but a success that we expect so much vivacity and creativity of our Asian neighbors.
moVas, Asian watches par excellence, to finally show the desire to manufacture small batches of fine timepieces, strong and technically perfect, at prices much more affordable than in Europe (250 to 500 euros)  link

The site in English ships worldwide from Singapore.
Exciting new series are being deployed and moVas no secret of his desire to one day create their own calibers.

You may be interested to know that last week (end of 2012), the company revealed its new creations : link 

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Publié le 15 Juin 2012

autran et viala 1)

Schon Ende des XVIII Jahrhunderts hat sich Pforzheim, eine schön gelegene Stadt im Norden des Schwarzwaldes, zu einem der wichtigsten Zentren der deutschen Uhrenindustrie entwickelt. Die Uhrmacher Francois Autran und Jean Viala gehoerten ab 1767 zu den Gründern dieses schönen Handwerks. Heute beherbergt die Stadt noch zahlreiche bekannte Uhrenmarken und Uhrenmanufakturen höchster Qualität. 

1924 gründete der erfahrene Handwerker Karl Ickler ein Familienunternehmen, das sich ursprünglich der Gehäuse-Herstellung widmete. In den 90er Jahren lancierte in der dritten Generation Thomas Ickler seine erste hochwertige und heute berühmte Uhrenmarke: LIMES. Es folgten "ARCHIMEDE" im Jahr 2003 und "AUTRAN & VIALA" 2009. Im mittleren Preissegment genießen die drei Marken einen wohlverdienten Erfolg, und die Marke "AUTRAN & VIALA": https://www.autran-viala.com/en/ , über die wir gerade reden, verdient unsere besondere Aufmerksamkeit. Unter diesen Modellen sind einige mechanische ETA Werke sowie wunderschöne und feine Kreationen mit Ronda Quarzwerken zu finden. Liebhaber von zeitlosen und nachhaltigen Objekten zum erschwinglichen Preis werden sich an diesen flachen, eleganten und perfekt verarbeiteten Uhren erfreuen. 

Direkt zu bestellen über die (englische) Website: https://www.autran-viala.com/en/  mit einer sehr persönlichen Kundenbetreuung, die man sonst nirgendwo anders findet.  


1) Ronda 715 Quarzuhr, Plano, 50m wasserdicht, weißes Zifferblatt, innen entspiegeltes Saphirglas, 40mm Durchmesser, handverarbeitet und vor dem Versand kontrolliert, Preis: 265 Euro, Versand nach Frankreich: 10 Euro.


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Publié le 11 Mai 2012

Nivrel HBLGD   

At the time of the common market for the French, all that came from Germany had a reputation for quality and durability. Globalization has a little dog-eared the concept of reliability by blurring the true origin of products. In M-B-A, the attraction for products Made in Germany has not aged a day: we love the watches produced by our Germanic neighbors!

NIVREL: A brand totally unknown to us is part of the nebula horologic world of absolute competence. It has all the quality standards that make the "midrange". http://www.nivrel.com/ . Gerd Hofer GmbH company based in Saarbrucken continues the work of a goldsmith: Friedrich Wilhelm Kraemer who in 1891 opened a shop in the same city. Here is a small family company that has retained and developed a unique expertise. If some admirable timepiece worthy of the price, reaches the most elaborate productions in Switzerland, the average range of watches NIVREL offer lovers of beautiful products, driven by uncompromising caliber (ETA LEMANIA, RONDA, SOPROD etc.). Watches for sale direct to the world at a reasonable price (500 euros to 1000 euros for smart watches or dive). The brand offers a few extra flat quartz watches of all beauty at only 295 euros!) Site in English, reduced shipping costs to France: http://shop.nivrel.com/


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