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Publié le 11 Mai 2012

Nivrel HBLGD   

At the time of the common market for the French, all that came from Germany had a reputation for quality and durability. Globalization has a little dog-eared the concept of reliability by blurring the true origin of products. In M-B-A, the attraction for products Made in Germany has not aged a day: we love the watches produced by our Germanic neighbors!

NIVREL: A brand totally unknown to us is part of the nebula horologic world of absolute competence. It has all the quality standards that make the "midrange". . Gerd Hofer GmbH company based in Saarbrucken continues the work of a goldsmith: Friedrich Wilhelm Kraemer who in 1891 opened a shop in the same city. Here is a small family company that has retained and developed a unique expertise. If some admirable timepiece worthy of the price, reaches the most elaborate productions in Switzerland, the average range of watches NIVREL offer lovers of beautiful products, driven by uncompromising caliber (ETA LEMANIA, RONDA, SOPROD etc.). Watches for sale direct to the world at a reasonable price (500 euros to 1000 euros for smart watches or dive). The brand offers a few extra flat quartz watches of all beauty at only 295 euros!) Site in English, reduced shipping costs to France:


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